Who am I?


I did recieve my education at the KABK (Royal Academy of Fine Arts) in The Hague, Holland.

For years I taught in drawing and painting, at secondary schools.

Since 2006 I regularly exhibit my art-work in France and the Netherlands. In 2010 one of my paintings

was exposed at the World Exhibition in Shanghai. In 2011 I also took part of an exhibition in Belgium.

I sign my work with Annelise Heldoorn; in France I use the name AnneH.  

Cherries in a box (oilpaint on canvas)

Figurative or abstract, design and choice of material

My art-work is as well figurative as abstract. For me the choice between depends of the subject and the shape of the subject. So I choose the way of expression I like the most for a certain item.

You can find two major groups in my work: social involvement is the first one, the second is my surprise. The subjects of my art-work are derived from these two groups.   

For me the choice between pencil, oil-paint and water-colour is often arbitrary. I love the handcraft of painting, I like the smell of oil-paint, the fighting with paint, the splashing with water, the shifting of the colours. I'm always looking for new ways to express myself.  

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